Nelson Mandela Fought For Freedom: Where Does Freedom Stand In International Law?

Maud Kadye takes a look at the concept of freedom within international law and how Nelson Mandela changed it for everyone.

Bankers’ Bonuses: Commercial Implications

Bethany Bradley takes a look at the controversial subject of bankers bonuses and the possible repercussions limiting them could have.

Eurasian Economic Union: EU-like or USSR-like ?

Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) is an economic union, established by a treaty signed on 29 May 2014 an

The World Cup and Human Rights in Brazil

With the World Cup ongoing Ailsa May delves a bit deeper, looking at the issues masked by the current tournament and seemingly ignored by the press.

Women in India

Nishi Sumaria, discusses how the position of women has changed steadily over the past 70 years. However, the article looks at how gender discrimination is still going on in India.

Oscar Pistorius Trial: A Brief look at Advocacy

Giovanni Parcou looks at the Oscar Pistorius trial, with particular reference to questions and statements in the case. Additionally considering the watermelon video and advocacy.

The EU Commission’s probe into Gazprom

The European Commission’s Investigation against Gazprom for Abuse of Dominance 1. The EU energy mark

Land reform South Africa

Maud Kadye takes a look at the battle between black native South Africans and white South Africans over landownership, highlighting how much segregation is still around.

Globalisation and the Effects on the Legal Profession

Bethany Bradley takes an interesting look at the recent phenomenon of Globalisation and how it effects law firms around the world, while giving examples of how they have combated it.

Rwandan Genocide: 20 Years On

Maud Kadye looks back on the Rwandan genocide, as it approaches its 20 year anniversary. Looking in particular at what has changed since the genocide.