Down with the Ship – Costa Concordia Settled?

Joe May reports on the events of the crash of the Costa Concordia, and comments on whether the Captain, Francesco Schettino, is responsible for the deaths of his passengers.

Sanctions Against Russia: Binding In Law But Not In Fact?

Elliot Glover writes on the Sanctions against Russia, exploring the ways in which they could affect the global marketplace.

Global Inequalities Concerning Capital Punishment

Elliott Glover writes on the case of Lindsay Sandiford, a victim of the drug-related laws of Indonesia, whilst relating her case to global differences in jurisdiction.

Factors affecting the fight for Human Rights

Given the more liberal society of today’s world, the topic of human rights is gaining much more attention than it was ever before. Teoh Soo Shin discusses the factors that can compromise one’s human rights through case studies and examples covered by the media, such as Malala Yousafzai.

War Crimes: the ICRC and Video Games

Maud Kadye evaluates the International Committee of the Red Cross’ venture into the world of video games and their proposal to use games as an educational tool for war crimes.

Celebrities and Video Games: Do UK Stars Enjoy the Right to Publicity?

Jasmine Fearnley takes a look at the different laws of the US and UK in regards to celebrity depiction in video games.

Nelson Mandela Fought For Freedom: Where Does Freedom Stand In International Law?

Maud Kadye takes a look at the concept of freedom within international law and how Nelson Mandela changed it for everyone.

Bankers’ Bonuses: Commercial Implications

Bethany Bradley takes a look at the controversial subject of bankers bonuses and the possible repercussions limiting them could have.

Eurasian Economic Union: EU-like or USSR-like ?

Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) is an economic union, established by a treaty signed on 29 May 2014 an

The World Cup and Human Rights in Brazil

With the World Cup ongoing Ailsa May delves a bit deeper, looking at the issues masked by the current tournament and seemingly ignored by the press.