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Legal methods for responding to animal cruelty

Cruelty to an animal, or mistreatment of an animal, is the act of a human being causing an animal, to be subjected to an act intended to cause it harm.

Review: Is the Pomodoro Technique Really Helpful for Productivity ?

As a full-organized (future) lawyer, this review could help you to know how to manage your time perfectly with a new more focus and creative brain.

The Psychology of Lawyers Explored

The Student Lawyer’s Joseph Docherty has been speaking with Edward Walker, former Graduate Recruitme

Interview with Andrew Arruda – CEO and Co Founder of ROSS Intelligence

Andrew Arruda is the CEO and Co-Founder of ROSS Intelligence, an artificially intelligent lawyer built on Watson, IBM’s cognitive computer. Commonly referred to as ‘the smartest lawyer’, ROSS is trained to read the law, understand and answer research questions, getting smarter each time. Since its launch, ROSS has been featured worldwide in magazines and newspapers, such as TechCrunch, Wired, New Scientist, Financial Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian. TSL’s Deputy Editorial Content Manager, spoke to Andrew about ROSS and the impact AI could have on the legal profession.

Interview with Will Foulkes – Former Magic Circle Associate

Will Foulkes worked for four years in the Finance and Projects department at one of the Magic Circle law firms in London and their offices in Paris and Milan. During this time, he worked closely with graduate recruitment, attending law fairs and lecturing at universities on the application process. TSL’s Deputy Editorial Content Manager spoke to Will about his experiences.

CityLawLIVE review

Charlie Parker provides a brief summary of CityLawLIVE annual careers event, attended on the 12th of December 2014.

TSL interview with Mr.Murali Kandasamy

In fulfilling the curiosity to discover what it takes to become the CEO of a company, I have had the

Five Minutes with Aidan Grant

Jenny Su has the pleasure of interviewing Aidan Grant.

Interview: Second Year Trainee

Milly Bygrave interviews Charlotte Allen (trainee at Blake Lapthorn) to gain insight into her career motivation, journey through the application process and her role as a trainee solicitor.

Five Minutes on The Student Lawyer with Hayley Davis

Pheobe Street spends Five Minutes with Hayley Davies, a trainee in the final year of her training contract at Taylor Viners Solicitors, Cambridge.