Understanding Assault at Work Cases

620,000 incidents of violence at work were reported in 2016/17. Yet many victims of assault at work often feel alone and don’t know where to turn.

Catastrophic Injuries in Construction Site Accidents

Construction site accidents and injuries lead to claims and lawsuits. A personal injury lawyer will provide the legal help you need to obtain the full and fair compensation for the injuries sustained on the job site.

Workplace Drug Testing Explained

Employee drug tests have long since been a feature of the workplace. This article will explain what a business owner’s rights and responsibilities are in this area.

The Student Laywer’s Guide to Sexual Harassment and Abuse have analysed the developing perspectives around sexual assault and the important role those in the legal profession have to play.

Starting a Business? Start Learning About Employment Law

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to know a little about everything, having your fingerprints on every business activity, especially at the beginning

Institutional Racism and Gender Inequality in the Work Place

In the modern 21st Century of British society, you still find in a workplace that institutional racism inevitably still exists on an unprecedented scale and continues to ascend. Ali Murtazza delves into these issues.

A Closer Look at Pimlico Plumbers v Smith

A landmark ruling on the subject of employment rights is set to be made soon, following the recent h

Interview with Louis Huglin – Associate in Film, TV & Theatre at Harbottle & Lewis

Louis Huglin is an Associate in Film, TV & Theatre at UK-based law firm Harbottle & Lewis. O

UK Manufacturing Recovery: Highest Output in 10 Years

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has reported that manufacturing in the UK is at its highest

Government Policy Paper on Benefit and Pension Rates: Will We See Any Improvement in the Workplace?

On the 27th November, the government released a new policy paper named “Proposed benefit and pension