A Year after the Delhi Gang Rape

Nishi Sumaria looks at the horrific Delhi gang rape case while assessing what change has been brought since the event

Guantánamo Bay Series: Introduction

Maud Kadye begins the Guantánamo Bay Series by taking a look at the history and controversy surrounding the continued operation of the camp since 2002.

Should Squatting in Commercial Properties be Criminalised?

Gemma Smith examines the current law prohibiting squatting in residential properties and the movement to extend that to commercial properties.

Crime: Liability for Omissions

Charlotte Burmby provides an overview of the criminal law on omissions and the situations in which a crime can be committed by omission.

Death Penalty Series (Part 3): Can Human Rights be used as Justification?

Maud Kadye takes a look at the ever persisting debate surrounding the death penalty and whether it can ever be justified on Human Rights grounds. She examines arguments both for and against the imposition of such a punishment.

Death Penalty Series (Part 2): The Role of the UNDHR

In the second in a series on current issues in the death penalty, Maud Kadye discusses the tension that arises between the practice of the death penalty and, on the other hand, the principles derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Life Licences Explained

Rebecca Broadbent discusses the different types of life sentences, and explains the difference between life sentences and licences, along with a look at the standard conditions that are attached to life licences.

Death Penalty Series (Part 1): Propofol

In the first in a series on current issues in the death penalty, Maud Kadye introduces the facts surrounding the EU’s export ban on lethal drugs to the US.

War Crimes: Blood Diamonds in Sierra Leone

Maud Kadye discusses the war crimes committed in Sierra Leone’s civil war over blood diamonds and the consequent trial of Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia.

The Everyday Sexism Project: Role of the Police

Shannon Revel takes a look at the Everyday Sexism Project and the impact it is currently having. She also discusses how to get involved, and possibly, how it could eventually bring about social change.