The New Bill on Dangerous Dogs: What Does it Cover?

Charlotte Burmby examines the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill’s role in amending the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and discusses the merits of the proposed reforms.

The Judiciary vs. Parliament: Assisted Suicide

Rebecca Stinson takes a look at the recent Supreme Court decision on assisted suicide and the tensions here between the Judiciary and Parliament.

The Government’s Response to Human Trafficking

Laura Pollard discusses the government’s current approach to tackling human trafficking and the reforms proposed recently by the Centre for Social Justice.

Private Prosecutions

Rebecca Broadbent considers the current position that private prosecutions hold within our current legal system and looks at the amount of control that the individual actually has over the claim, including when the CPS can pick up a private prosecution and sometimes even when they can fully put a stop to it.

What is an Obscene Publication?

Rebecca Broadbent looks at what is actually classified by statute as an obscene publication, and what can actually be prosecuted under this statute in a society where media and publications are more readily accessible than ever before. Her analysis also considers how far the law goes in controlling this area, especially in light of the Convention on Human Rights.

Oscar Pistorius Trial: A Brief look at Advocacy

Giovanni Parcou looks at the Oscar Pistorius trial, with particular reference to questions and statements in the case. Additionally considering the watermelon video and advocacy.

Modernising the Criteria for Unfitness to Plead

Cristine Christodoulou examines the principles by which a defendant’s fitness to plead is determined and the need to reform the criteria of unfitness to plead established in the Pritchard case.

UK Prison Reform: The Push for Better Value for Money

Milly Bygrave looks at the plans to reform UK prisons and discusses whether the reforms will be better value for money.

Sarah’s Law vs. Megan’s Law: Which is better?

Rosie Penny compares Sarah’s Law and Megan’s Law and provides an in-depth look at their respective issues and improvements.

Fifth in the Guantánamo Bay Series: Imad Abdullah Hassan v Barack Obama

Maud Kadye’s fifth article from the Guantánamo Bay series looks at the use of force feeding in relation to the Imad Abdullah Hassan v Barack Obama case.