My Mini-Pupillage: Criminal

I recently went to lengths to gain some mini-pupillages in order to strengthen my pupillage applicat

Supreme Court Ruling Changes Joint Enterprise Test

In a land mark ruling yesterday in the case of R v Jogee, the Supreme Court adjusted the threshold r

19 Year old Found Guilty of an Attempt to Copy the Lee Rigby Murder

A report on the events leading to the conviction of a copy-cat who was inspired by the Lee Rigby attack and illustrating the current terror threat in the UK.

Down with the Ship – Costa Concordia Settled?

Joe May reports on the events of the crash of the Costa Concordia, and comments on whether the Captain, Francesco Schettino, is responsible for the deaths of his passengers.

Not Guilty Verdict Returned in Landmark FGM Case

The article considers the lack of prosecutions for Female Genitalia Mutilation given such a high number of incidents reported in the last years. In particular it highlights the recent case against Dr Dhanuson Dharmasena.

Cyberbullying- Should UK Criminal Law Hold Trolls and Cyberbullies to Account? 

Aoife McDonough takes a look at the UK and EU approach to regulation of cyberbullying and internet trolling. Aiofe critically evaluates current Parliament’s position in relation to this issue by looking at Criminal Justice and Courts Bill 2014-2015 and draws some recommendations on what should be done.

Global Inequalities Concerning Capital Punishment

Elliott Glover writes on the case of Lindsay Sandiford, a victim of the drug-related laws of Indonesia, whilst relating her case to global differences in jurisdiction.

Is The War on Drugs Lost?

Is the UK’s current War on Drugs really the right policy to counter the harm of drug usage, or is it simply a numbers game aiming to satisfy voters.

Secret Trials: A More Balanced View

The current furore over the concept of a ‘Secret Trial’ has been recently causing a major stir in various media outlets. Here we try to take a more balanced view and decide whether secret trials are ever acceptable.

Shrien Dewani: An Explanation

The Shrien Dewani case has been a long battle in various jurisdictions. From testing whether he is fit to stand trial, to extradition and his ultimate acquittal in murder proceedings, Nathan Gore explains the case surrounding Shrien Dewani and why it captured the public opinion in such a way