Riot Appeals: Seven of Ten Dismissed – Deterrent Sentences

Lyndon Harris explains the judgment of the Court of Appeal today in relation to the riot sentencing appeals.

Voucher Fraud on the Increase

Emily McQuilkin explains why money-saving voucher fraud is on the increase and why it’s a serious issue.

Justice Goes Digital

Lyndsay Pye discusses the plans to take the Crown Prosecution Service paperless by April 2012.

Homelessness – Not in My Name

Sam Ambreen examines the potential injustices of evicting those convicted of crimes from their council houses.

‘Cage Fighting’ Children – Is The Outrage Justified Legally?

Liam Draper considers whether the outrage in the media over pictures of children fighting in a cage is justified legally.

Friends and Facebook

Liam Draper explains how social media might be used for a negative purpose, rather than the positive one for which it was intended.

Riots? What Riots?

Stu Elwell asks whether the recent public order issues around the UK can be correctly described as ‘riots’.

The Sentencing Council

Lyndon Harris explains how the Sentencing Council create the guidelines for sentencing and where the difficulties lie.

Between Sport and Sports Violence

Liam Draper examines the line between fair aggression competition and violence in sport.