7 Ways a North York Criminal Law Professional Can Help Defend You

One of the most stressful situations you can go through is being in danger of a criminal law prosecution. Fortunately, choosing the right lawyer can lessen your frustrations and get you the best result possible in your case. Below, we detail 7 ways a North York criminal law professional can help defend you.

Do You Need a Lawyer After a Trucking Accident?

In 2016, there were 475,000 reported trucking accidents in the U.S. Of those accidents, 0.8% resulted in a fatality, and 22% involved severe injuries.

The Student Laywer’s Guide to Sexual Harassment and Abuse have analysed the developing perspectives around sexual assault and the important role those in the legal profession have to play.

Exploring the Impacts of LASPO

With both campaigners and professionals critiques becoming ever louder, have these aims been met and how has LASPO impacted the justice system?

A closer look at Robinson v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police

Nicolas Price explains the recent decision in Robinson v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police. He looks into the possible outcomes of a decision that may cause students across the country to go out and buy new textbooks.

Ameen Jogee Found Guilty of Manslaughter but Not Guilty of Murder at Retrial

After the recent retrial at Nottingham Crown Court, Ameen Jogee has been found guilty of the June 20

My Mini-Pupillage: Criminal

I recently went to lengths to gain some mini-pupillages in order to strengthen my pupillage applicat

Supreme Court Ruling Changes Joint Enterprise Test

In a land mark ruling yesterday in the case of R v Jogee, the Supreme Court adjusted the threshold r

19 Year old Found Guilty of an Attempt to Copy the Lee Rigby Murder

A report on the events leading to the conviction of a copy-cat who was inspired by the Lee Rigby attack and illustrating the current terror threat in the UK.

Down with the Ship – Costa Concordia Settled?

Joe May reports on the events of the crash of the Costa Concordia, and comments on whether the Captain, Francesco Schettino, is responsible for the deaths of his passengers.