Commercial & Finance

Strategies that Law Firms Should Consider Executing to Meet the Demands of Emerging Markets

Aminata Salla takes a look at emerging markets across the globe and how international law firms can take best advantage of these investment opportunities.

The FCA and Financial Crime

In this webcast, Judith Seddon, Director of Business Crime and Regulatory Enforcement at Clifford Chance, talks with Caroline Bystrom, a solicitor in the Lexis®PSL Financial Services team, about the introduction of the new regulatory system and the Financial Conduct Authority’s role in ensuring the UK’s financial system is not abused for financial crime purposes.

Part Three: Industry Trends in White Collar Crime

Georgi Korchev completes his series on white collar crime with an examination of the industry trends and the work of the Serious Fraud Office.

Taking Stock of Large-Block Equity Ownership

Shér-Muhammad Khan and Anthony De Freitas discuss large-block shareholdings in companies and the wider issues of corporate strategy and governance.

Part Two: Bribery and White Collar Crime

In part two of his series on white collar crime, Georgi Korchev takes us through the significant changes brought by Bribery Act 2010 and the current law regarding self-reporting and whistle-blowing on corruption.

The Emergence of White Collar Crime

In this first in a series, Georgi Korchev explains the nature of white collar crime and some of the biggest cases of fraud in recent history.

Ssh! It’s a secret

Nick Murphy looks the recent Supreme Court decision to look at examine judgments.

An Overview of the Glencore–Xstrata Merger

Georgi Korchev discusses the Glencore-Xstrata merger and the importance of commercial awareness.

Banker Bonuses: Should the Law Allow it?

Josh Page considers whether the law should allow bankers’ bonuses of the size we are used to seeing in the light of the financial crisis.

Top 10 Corporate Deals: The Final Piece of the Saga

George Korchev continues his series on the world of mergers and acquisitions.