Commercial & Finance

The Cypriot Banking Sector

Bianca Chang takes a closer look at the Cypriot Banking Sector, discussing the problems that it has recently encountered.

Bankers’ Bonuses: Commercial Implications

Bethany Bradley takes a look at the controversial subject of bankers bonuses and the possible repercussions limiting them could have.

Intellectual Property Act 2014 – What Does It Mean for Businesses? Part 2

In the second part of this series on the new Intellectual Property Act Kate Sukhanova takes us through the changes to Unregistered Design Rights.

Intellectual Property Act 2014 – What Does It Mean for Businesses? Part 1

In part one of this series Kate Sukhanova takes a look at the current position in relation to Registered Design Rights and how the act will change them

The EU Commission’s probe into Gazprom

The European Commission’s Investigation against Gazprom for Abuse of Dominance 1. The EU energy mark

Globalisation and the Effects on the Legal Profession

Bethany Bradley takes an interesting look at the recent phenomenon of Globalisation and how it effects law firms around the world, while giving examples of how they have combated it.

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina – An Overview of the Pari Passu Saga and its Wider Implications

Neli Dimitrova discusses the background of NML Capital Ltd v. Republic of Argentina, along with a look at the pari passu clause and the wider implications of this.

The Libor Scandal: What Does it Mean?

Bethany Bradley takes a look at the recent Libor rigging scandal and what it actually means in practice

Is the Interpretation of the Expressions ‘De Facto Director’ and ‘Shadow Director’ Sufficiently Certain in the Light of Smithton Ltd Case?

Valentina Georgieva takes a look at the terms ‘de facto director’ and shadow director’, discussing if they’re now sufficiently certain in light of a recent court case

Strategies that Law Firms Should Consider Executing to Meet the Demands of Emerging Markets

Aminata Salla takes a look at emerging markets across the globe and how international law firms can take best advantage of these investment opportunities.