Commercial & Finance

Chinese Ministry of Commerce Selects a Collection of International Firms for Legal Panel

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce (Mofcom) has done a complete reshuffle of its legal panel awarding

Challenges Facing the Legal Landscape

Jean Dodo examines the effect the big recession has had on the legal sector, discussing the Legal Services Act 2007 and the increasing work of LPOs.

Sanctions Against Russia: Binding In Law But Not In Fact?

Elliot Glover writes on the Sanctions against Russia, exploring the ways in which they could affect the global marketplace.

HSBC Tax Scandal Causes Conflict in the House of Commons

The recent tax scandal involving HSBC, the second-largest bank in the world, and the largest bank in

Battle for the Books

Natalia Gale takes a look at the major book retailers and the challenges they face, as a result of the book market domination by Amazon, in particular in relation to the pricing issue. Natalia provides a comprehensive analysis of the ways companies tried to compete with Amazon in the past and whether they will be able to do so in the future.

The Rise of Challenger Banks

In the light of the increase in branches of previously unknown banks, Benita Koh explores the concept behind these ‘challenger banks’, and the impact they can have on the UK banking market.

Doubts Cast On Tax Inversion Through Acquisition

In a detailed break-down of the collapsed AbbVie buyout of Shire Plc, Benita Koh explains the US Treasury Department’s crack-down on tax inversion and its effects on and implications for businesses.

Alibaba’s Blockbuster IPO

Charles Crisp offers an insight into the recent Alibaba IPO, the reasons behind its success, and the risks posed by such an IPO to investors.

Smell the Coffee: What Starbucks Can Teach Us About Corporate Taxation

Natalia looks at the controversy surrounding corporation tax with major companies such as Apple, Starbucks and Amazon. This article looks at the ins and out of the tax, the implications and the steps that are being taken to ensure large companies are paying the correct tax.

China – Registered Capital Reform: Gateway to China?

Ryan looks to the the reform of China’s registered capital market. He looks at the situation in the Chinese market and the changes that have been made in order for people outside China to break into that market.