Civil Law

FC Sion vs The World

Liam Draper considers the case of FC Sion and the possibility that Switzerland may be banned from World football.

Can an Employee Get Damages for the Manner of Their Unfair Dismissal?

Naomi Loomes considers recent Supreme Court judgments when assessing whether employees can get damages for unfair dismissal.

The Real Cost of Downloading Music Illegally

Lauren Perkins discusses the potential pitfalls of downloading music illegally.

Is Accepting Less Ever Desirable?

A look at the rule in Foakes v Beer which prevents part-payment of a debt satisfying an entire debt and extinguishing a creditor’s strict legal rights

A Critique of the Rule in Clayton’s Case

Kushinder Birdi considers the impact of Clayton’s case on tracing rules.

The Implications of Jones v Kernott

Emily McQuilkin discusses the recent Supreme Court decision in the case of Jones v Kernott and what it means for family law.

The Definition(s) of Harm in Family Law Legislation: Why the Difference?

A guest contribution looking at the inconsistencies within family law legislation, in particular the multiple definitions of ‘harm’.

Protecting Children in the Fostering System?

Lauren Perkins looks at whether or not the rules designed to protect children in the foster system go too far.

Opening Pandora’s Box: Media Access to Family Courts

Liz Garlick asks whether there is a balance to be struck between open justice and the privacy of parties involved in family cases.

Marriage, Cohabitation and Civil Partnerships: Will They Ever Become One?

Emily McQuilkin on whether the changes are really being made when it comes to marriage and civil partnerships.<