Civil Law

Google’s Privacy Policy

Wilson Wong takes a look at the recent investigation into Google’s privacy policy and its findings.

Is Bilbo Baggins’ contract in ‘The Hobbit’ legally binding?

In an interesting, if not slightly strange article, lawyer James Daily looks at the contract used in The Hobbit film.

The Catholic Child Welfare Society and Vicarious Liability

Naomi Loomes considers the impact of a recent historical sexual abuse case on the concept of vicarious liability.

The Leveson Report

Emma-Jane Tritton explains the central points of the Leveson report and explores some of the reactions to it.

Facebook Privacy Notice Has no Effect

It’s everywhere: the Facebook status purporting to protect users’ personal information has been popp

Third Party Pregnancy Rights

Liam Draper examines what rights, if any, a would be father has in the decision making process prior to an abortion.

Apple v Samsung: The Verdict and Where We Go From Here

After just two and a half days of deliberation, the federal jury in the Apple v Samsung (and Samsung v Apple) patent dispute announced they had reached a verdict. We brought the verdict to you live on Twitter last night and here, Lewis Cheney breaks down the verdict as it happened and considers what it means for both parties and the consumer.

Divorce Capital of the World?

Patrick Lundie looks at the guidelines regarding jurisdiction for divorce in the courts of England and Wales. Are we truly the divorce capital of the world?

Commercialisation in Football: The Contract Crisis

Robert Inayat examines the growing influence of agents over football contracts, following several much publicised disputes.

FC Sion vs The World

Liam Draper considers the case of FC Sion and the possibility that Switzerland may be banned from World football.