Civil Law

Trusts: The Three Certainties

Charlotte Burmby provides an overview of the three certainties (certainty of intention, certainty of subject matter, and certainty of objects) required for an express trust to be valid.

Court Ordered Ordeal: MMR Vaccinations

Gemma Smith looks at a very recent case where the court has ordered that two girls must have the MMR vaccination, and the subsequent debate that follows, with certain groups arguing the girls rights have been infringed upon and that the judge in question made a wrong decision.

An Introduction to Trust Law: Equitable Maxims

Charlotte Burmby provides an introduction to trust law through an exploration of the 14 equitable maxims which are used today.

Mental Health, Capacity and Abuse: Case of WMA and MA (2013)

Amy Wills examines ‘A Local Authority v WMA and MA’ and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, and evaluates the concerns that have arisen in this area.

Intellectual Property Introduction (Part 2): Economic Theory

Alistair Henwood starts off his series on Intellectual property with a brief introduction to the area and also a look at the economic theory and philosophical grounding of this often complex subject that has a more prominent place in society than it ever has.

Pink Law: the New Legal Specialism

Paige Jones explains the developing area of law dealing with the legal consequences of civil partnerships and specialising in the needs of LGBT people.

Intellectual Property Law: An Introduction

In a series introducing intellectual property law, an optional module in many undergraduate degrees and Masters programmes, Alistair Henwood explains the basic principles behind the area.

Rihanna and Topshop: Do You Have a Right to Your Image?

Bart Topps discusses the case of Rihanna against Topshop in Fenty v Arcadian (2013).

Court Ordered Sterilisation – The Start of Something Dangerous?

Amy Wills explains the facts behind the recent case of a 36 year old man who was the subject of a court ordered sterilisation – a legal first.

Defamation Act 2013 – What’s Changed?

Faizan Sadiq explains the changes the Defamation Act 2013 has made to the existing law.