Civil Law

Passing Off in the 21st Century – Character Merchandising and Image Rights

Tessa Craythrone talks about the development of the law on character merchendising and image rights, with particular reference to Eddie Irvine.

Understanding Passing Off

Tessa Craythorne provides an overview into the common law remedy of ‘passing off’, discussing the three core elements of the action.

Dwarf Tossing and Human Rights

Maud Kadye discusses the controversial activity of ‘dwarf tossing’ and its position within the human rights environment, examining cases on a domestic and international level.

The Future of Defamation and Privacy Claims

Emma Warman discusses the ‘Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting’ proposal and the impact that this reform will have on litigation costs and claims by less wealthy individuals.

Music Sampling: Is Protection Justified or Effective?

Tessa Craythorne discusses the UK copyright position with regard to music sampling, and examines how the ‘Fair Use’ defence employed in the USA differs from the UK.

Zero-Hour Contracts: Time for Reform?

Paige Jones explains the nature and advantages of zero hour contracts in light of the recent media outcry and the focus of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) investigation into their usage.

Trusts: The Beneficiary Principle and Perpetuity

Charlotte Burmby continues her series on the essential rules in Equity and Trusts law. This week she explains the beneficiary principle and perpetuity – two rules that must be satisfied if a trust is to be created.

Decision to Close the ILF Unlawful – The Case of Stuart Bracking

Amy Wills discusses the Independent Living Fund and explains why the decision to close it is unlawful.

Law and the Gender Pay Gap

Simi Gupta discusses gender pay gap inequality in the UK and around the world, and the role that legislation and case law have played.

Studying Tort Law: A Guide to the Consumer Protection Act 1987

Charlotte Burmby provides a comprehensive guide to the Consumer Protection Act 1987.