Civil Law

Consumer Rights Bill: What It Will Do for You

Natalie Williams discusses the Consumer Rights Bill and the impact it will have on consumers.

The Difficulty with Clinical Negligence

Tessa Craythorne discusses medical negligence in detail, including an explanation of what it is and any difficulties with proving it.

Legal Aid Cuts and the Effect on Children

Gemma Smith gives us a brief history of Legal Aid while then going on to assess the impact that the recent Legal Aid cuts will have on family related legal matters, and in turn children who are exposed to the knock on effects of this, such as the lasting psychological damage.

Legalising Same Sex Marriages

Nishi Sumaria discusses same sex marriage and the important step towards equality that has been taken following the recent legalisation of same sex marriage in Britain.

‘Saviour Siblings’: Should the Law Allow Such Burdens?

Raluca Rosu provides an overview of the debate surrounding ‘saviour siblings’ and how the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and courts have dealt with such cases

The Mystery Behind Fully Secret Trusts

Ornela Markaj takes a look at the mystery behind fully secret trusts, an area that seems to puzzle judges and academics alike.

What is Equity?

Rosie Penny tries to concretely explain the mysterious concept of equity, delving into what underpins this doctrine that runs parallel to the law.

Music Sampling: Where is the Line Drawn?

Faizan Sadiq looks at the interesting subject of music sampling and whether it has gone too far in modern society where it is now a common place practice. His account looks at the concept of sampling and at what point it actually becomes copyright infringement, an area that is grey to say the least.

Lord McAlpine and the Problem with the Internet

Tessa Craythorne discusses how the law of defamation has been altered by the advent of social media and the Internet.

Passing Off in the 21st Century – Character Merchandising and Image Rights

Tessa Craythrone talks about the development of the law on character merchendising and image rights, with particular reference to Eddie Irvine.