Civil Law

Interview with Human Rights advocate and barrister, Adam Wagner

On 28th October 2016, Joe Docherty from The Student Lawyer interviewed human rights advocate and bar

Three Parent Babies – The Slippery Slope to a Brighter Future?

Joe May writes on the issue of mitochondrial donation and discuss where the cut off point lies. Could people abuse the system?

The Birthday Party Invoice

Nathan Gore provides provides an amazing story how invitation to a birthday party can amount to the offer, which once accepted, is binding on the invitee and can lead to the small claims court, if not paid in full.

Will We Ever Have an Entirely Representative Judiciary?

Emma McDermott writes on the immutable judiciary of law systems across the world, discussing the reasons, and possibly the solutions, for a change in the courtrooms of today.

Explanation on the Existing Contractual Duty to Supply Goods and Services

Teoh Soo Shin summarises the issue of whether the performance of an existing contractual duty to supply goods and services amounts to consideration.

The judiciary and assisted suicide: a horse of a different colour- a considered response to Rebecca Stinson

Lewis Graham takes a look at Rebecca Stinson’s article about assisted suicide and provides another perspective on the controversial issue and considers other implications of recent case law.

S.13 Sale Of Goods Act 1979, a Myth?

Mahesh Nanwani takes a look at the much discussed S13; Sale by Description provision of the Sale of Goods Act, mainly focussing on the recent decision in Brewer v Mann.

IP: Can You Copyright an Idea?

Tessa Craythorne takes a look at the interesting debate surrounding the protection of mere ideas, specifically in the context of TV shows.

Can Computer Software be Classed as Goods?

Valentina Georgieva discusses the case law in which the definition of software has been considered, and asks whether software falls within the definition of ‘goods’ under the Sale of Goods Act 1979.

Selfies & the Law: Who really owns your face?

Giovanni Parcou takes a look at the laws surrounding photography put upon social media, specifically looking at ‘selfies’.