Book Reviews

TSL Reviews: Notebooks by RAMA publishing

Student Lawyer Alv Grasun reviews the latest notebooks released by Rama Publishing, and finds them to be rather helpeful…

TSL Reviews: Land Law by Louise Glover & Kate Campbell-Pilling

Student Lawyer Alv Grasun reviews ‘Land Law’ by Louise Glover & Kate Campbell- Pilling, describing it as “A very comprehensive and structured approached finally sheds some light on the sometimes dreaded module of Land Law.”

TSL Reviews: Guide to Good Practice

Student Lawyer Alv Grasun reviews the Guide to Good Practice, a recent publication by The Law Society, describing it as “Truly living up to its name, this book encompasses all the elements necessary to make it a useful tool to navigate the professional legal world.

A Review of GDL Study Guides

The Graduate Diploma in Law is underway, and students have started making notes to help them achieve the elusive distinction. You may have already seen people consulting various guides and case books, during lectures and tutorials. A quick Google search of ‘GDL revision guides’ throws up a number of different companies, making students spoiled for choice. Therefore, we’ve reviewed the most popular GDL guides currently on the market, in order to make the decision a little easier for you.

Bewigged and Bewildered? Sit Down and Wig Up

  “[D]on’t make a fool of yourself by getting drunk at chambers events”: some sage advice given

Mooting: The Articulate Advocate – Book Review

Alistair Henwood reviews The Articulate Advocate – a mooting book that focusses on ways to control nerves and improve your presentation, rather than the process of mooting itself.

Memoirs of a Radical Lawyer and The Justice Game

Richard Lawne reviews Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law, Memoirs of a Radical Lawyer and The Justice Game, a book about the life of Alan Dershowitz.

Book Review: Know the City

Bethany Bradley reviews the up-to-date version of Know the City by Christopher Stokes, a book about finance and the financial markets.

Review: Barnett’s Constitutional and Administrative Law

Natalie Hearn reviews the tenth edition of Hilaire Barnett’s Constitutional and Administrative Law textbook, which comes with a brand new interactive eTextbook to help you in your study of public law.

Beginning the Law

Liam Draper reviews the Beginning the Law series from Routledge Publishing.