Clear the Lobby: What laws are MPs voting on this week? – w/c 11th Feb

Clear the Lobby: What laws are MPs voting on this week? – w/c 11th Feb

Welcome to our weekly feature courtesy of Sebastian Salek, the brains behind Clear the Lobby, working to bring you all the laws MPs are voting on this week, and explained in plain English!

Some interesting bills this week, including government preparations for making financial services legislation in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Elsewhere, there’ll be more Brexit debate on Thursday, which looks like it’ll take a similar form to last time: a general motion is proposed, to which amendments are debated.

Monday 11th February

Financial Services (Implementation of Legislation) Bill – 2nd reading
Applies to: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
Allows the government to implement EU financial services legislation for two years after a no-deal Brexit without consulting Parliament. This happens at the moment, but if the withdrawal agreement isn’t ratified, the government would have to use primary legislation (putting each law in front of Parliament). It’s important because most financial services regulations are made at EU level. Started in the Lords.
Draft bill / Commons briefing paper

Tuesday 12th February

Child Cruelty (Sentences) Bill
Increases the maximum sentence to life in prison for two offences: child cruelty, and causing or allowing a child or vulnerable adult to die or suffer serious physical harm. Ten minute rule motion presented by Tom Tugendhat. You can read the story that prompted this bill on BBC News.

Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill – report stage and 3rd reading
Applies to: England, Wales
Reforms the process for authorising care or treatment for people who lack the ability to consent where it involves a deprivation of their liberty. Started in the Lords.
Draft bill / Lords Library notes

Wednesday 13th February

Bus Drivers (Working Hours on Local Routes) Bill
Limits bus drivers on local routes to driving for no more than 56 hours in any one week and 90 hours in any two consecutive weeks. Ten minute rule motion presented by Matt Western. Follows a crash in the Midlands that killed two people. You can read Matt Western’s argument on LabourList.

Thursday 14th February

No votes scheduled

Friday 15th February

No votes scheduled

Last Week’s Votes


  • Crime (Impact Statements) Bill – ten minute rule motion
  • Armed Forces Covenant (Duty of Public Authorities) Bill – ten minute rule motion
  • Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Bill – report stage and 3rd reading
  • Value Added Tax Bill – 2nd reading (but subsequently withdrawn by sponsor)
  • Holocaust (Return of Cultural Objects) (Amendment) Bill – 2nd reading
  • Rivers Authorities and Land Drainage Bill – 2nd reading

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