Three Tips for Negotiating with an Insurance Company with a Civil Litigation Lawyer

Three Tips for Negotiating with an Insurance Company with a Civil Litigation Lawyer

When you are involved in a car accident, medical malpractice or any other type of personal injury, you approach your insurance company to get compensated. Luckily, for someone who has been saving with an insurance company, they are lucky to have any bills that they will incur at this time compensated.

All they have to do is write a letter to ask for compensation from the insurance company. Getting the company to submit to your demand can be easier said than done especially if you lack the right negotiation skills.

However, when working with the right civil litigation, it is possible to get your claim easily. Here are three tips to follow when you need to negotiate with an insurance company.

Decide On an Ideal Amount

While getting down to request compensation from the insurance company, have an idea of the amount that you believe you should have. You could decide this by considering the amount that you will need to pay for the accident that you had.


Additionally, decide on the minimum amount that you will settle for during the negotiation.This figure will help you keep your bottom line without getting carried away by the pressure of the negotiation. However, in case adjuster rises some factors that you had not considered do not hesitate to adjust the figure a bit.

Pressure the Adjuster to Justify a Low Offer

More often than not, the adjuster will first offer you a rate that is too low. In some cases, some people are tempted to give in to the amount even when it is too low as compared to what they had requested. However, a civil litigation lawyer familiar with Mirian Law will advise you not to be quick to adjust the amount you had mentioned in your request.

Instead, request to have reasons for the low offer from the adjuster and make notes on the same and then write a letter explaining each of the reasons. This way, they will consider offering you a better rate with which you can bargain and get to the final agreement.

Emphasise On Emotional Points

As you make your negations, avoid repeating all the facts and instead emphasise on the emotional points. Repeating the unnecessary factors will make your case more boring to handle, thus making the company lose interest in you and give you little compensation.


For instance, in case you are requesting for compensation of a damaged car, you may have photos of the car which you can keep referring to. Additionally, you may bring up other issues such as an injury that you or your child had in an accident. Though it is not possible to put a price on some of these factors, it will help you get good compensation.

After submitting a letter to an insurance company due to an accident or any other claim, it becomes time to negotiate. The kind of negotiations that you and the civil litigation lawyer will have will determine how successful you will be. Consider the tips above from Mirian Law to see how to negotiate with an insurance company.

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