Clear the Lobby: What laws are MPs voting on this week? – w/c 26th Nov

Clear the Lobby: What laws are MPs voting on this week? – w/c 26th Nov

Welcome to our weekly feature courtesy of Sebastian Salek, the brains behind Clear the Lobby, working to bring you all the laws MPs are voting on this week, and explained in plain English!

Once again, the focus in Parliament is on the twists and turns of Brexit, but there are a couple of ten minute rule motions scheduled, plus a plan to reform the courts. The Government’s strategy to clamp down on acid attacks and other violent crime is also set to take another step towards becoming law.

Monday 26 November

No votes scheduled

Tuesday 27 November

Minimum Service Obligation (High Street Cashpoints) Bill
Requires banks to provide cash points on certain streets. Enables local authorities to designate streets that require cash machines in towns of more than 5,000 residents. Ten minute rule motion presented by Huw Merriman.

Courts and Tribunals (Judiciary and Functions of Staff) Bill – 2nd reading
Applies to: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
Introduces the first set of reforms intended to modernise the courts system as outlined in the Queen’s speech. Among other things: removes restrictions on how judges can be deployed, enabling judges to hear a wider scope of cases, and provides for court and tribunal staff to carry out some judicial functions and to provide legal advice to judges. Started in the Lords so closer to becoming law than if it started in the Commons.
Draft billLords library briefing

Wednesday 28 November

Fire Safety (Leasehold Properties) Bill
Requires freeholders of certain properties that have failed fire safety tests to carry out remedial work. Imposes sanctions on freeholders who fail to do so. Ensures leaseholders are not held liable for the costs. Creates a loan scheme to assist freeholders in carrying out the work. Ten minute rule motion presented by Marsha De Cordova.

Offensive Weapons Bill – report stage and 3rd reading
Applies to: England (part), Wales (part), Scotland (part), Northern Ireland (part)
A wide-ranging government bill to tackle violent crime. Among other things it bans: the possession of some corrosive substances in a public place and their sale to under 18s; the delivery of knives and corrosives bought online to residential addresses; and the possession of some offensive weapons like zombie knives, knuckle-dusters and rapid firing rifles.
Draft billCommons library briefing

Thursday 15 November

No votes scheduled

Friday 16 November

No votes scheduled

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