7 Ways a North York Criminal Law Professional Can Help Defend You

7 Ways a North York Criminal Law Professional Can Help Defend You

One of the most stressful situations you can go through is being in danger of a criminal law prosecution. Fortunately, choosing the right lawyer can lessen your frustrations and get you the best result possible in your case. Below, we detail 7 ways a North York criminal law professional can help defend you.



The reason the law profession exists is that legal proceedings are often incredibly complicated. There are strange laws, loopholes, intricacies, best practices for defending yourself, and much more. Hiring a professional can give you access to knowledge regarding these issues. Your North York criminal lawyer will provide you with a brief education on everything related to your case, and as a result, you will be equipped to fight against your charges.

Giving You an Idea of Your Chances

The first stage in the legal process is giving your lawyer all of the information they need. After they talk to you, hear your story, and assess the evidence, they will tell you what your chances are. It is impossible to give you an exact probability of winning, but an experienced professional will be able to provide a general idea. Doing so will inform your strategy going forward. Cases with a high chance will likely mean fighting for no charges, while weaker ones may warrant a plea bargain.

Tell You the Unwritten Rules of Court

Despite how many official laws there are, many lawyers would say that there are even more unwritten rules that you need to know. A few commons one are corresponding to the judge respectfully, wearing formal clothing, speaking clearly, being polite, and never interrupting anyone else.

Professional Protection

A lawyer’s top priority is helping their client win. This is true of your attorney, but also of whoever is charging you. This interaction often leads to the opposing lawyer trying to back you into a corner, and your attorney keeping you safe. A typical example of this idea is the well-known technique of cross-examination where the opposition will try to catch you making a mistake. Having a lawyer at your side will help protect you from such methods.

Gather Evidence

An integral step that you must take before ever going to court is gathering evidence. Though law enforcement will likely be responsible for most of the physical proof, testimonies can be incredibly valuable. What your lawyer will do is find eyewitnesses, brainstorm on which types of expert witnesses could help, and contact anybody else that might be able to assist you. Defending you takes an army, and your attorney will be there to put it together.

Make Your Case

The first stages of your case will involve gathering all available evidence. Then, your lawyer will look at all the available information and craft a strategy for getting you the best result. Once that task is finished, you will move on to making your case. Your attorney will do this in a variety of spaces including private meetings with the opposition, meetings facilitated by a judge, and a courtroom trial. You have almost no shot at making a compelling case on your own, so hiring a professional is always the best move.

Negotiate a Plea Bargain

The goal in any criminal case is to come out with no charges. Unfortunately, doing so is sometimes impossible. Instead, lawyers and clients must honestly assess their chances of victory and consider taking a plea bargain instead. Doing so will allow you to suffer less of a punishment than an outright loss, and is preferable in many situations. What a lawyer can do is know when and how to push for better terms, which gives you the best deal possible.

Facing criminal charges is incredibly stressful, but it is not the end of the world. Not only can you end up with no punishment at all, but you can also negotiate a manageable plea bargain. Both of these tasks are best done with the help of a lawyer, so finding one right away should be your top concern.

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