Why should you choose to go to University?

Why should you choose to go to University?

After secondary school, students all over the world are faced with one big question: is university right for them? As majority of students decide to go to university, other students take a brave decision by rejecting what the higher education system has to offer as they enter the path of the adult working world. Different people will have different choices about the route they want to take on after secondary school, but for me, I personally believe going to university is one of the biggest decisions a young person can make.

In the modern world, those with a bachelor’s degree are portrayed as displaying signs of a more intelligent individual, as the qualification will be automatically recognised by employers and academics worldwide. But should every one go to university? Ideally, university education is intended to improve student’s academic ability, especially if you want to acquire professional knowledge for a particular job or a career path.


Of course, university would be the most appropriate place to get a higher-level education to have a better career in the future. In many countries, law firms and other professions tend to seek for university graduates to fill these legal positions, which later awards them with a high salary.

But is this based on a complete fairy tale? After four years of studying inside the library with sweat and tears, young people can be faced with a piece of paper worth of thousand pounds debt and this is a sufficient reason that turns people away from getting a degree.

Is University really worth the investment?

This is why it is important to tackle the common myth about higher education being stupidly expensive. Paying £9,500 a year for a law degree may come across astonishingly daunting. You need to remind yourself, government loans cover both tuition fees and maintenance cost, which includes accommodation and travel.

The level of debt will be easy to ignore, as repayments are barely noticeable instalments that are paid once you are earning over £21,000. If you chose law with placement or year in industry this would allow you to become a strong academic candidate with invaluable experience in todays competitive environment. Not only would you have access to great networking opportunities but also a chance to attend alumni and university events, which will gives access to latest insights and for you to learn more outside the classroom. The world is your oyster, so in life you have the opportunity to gain a righteous future by obtaining a degree.

University teaches you practical and valuable experiences, which you would never imagine during secondary school. University is not just the place for academic interest, future career and spending four years in classrooms. But a key part is an active social life and having the chance to meet people from all over the world from different places with diverse backgrounds. I lived with international students in my first year at university and they will bring their cuisine to you


My flat mate from Ghana gave me Jollof rice and prepared a playlist of traditional Ghanaian music. The most interesting part for me was to learn how the education system works in different countries. This not only increases your ability to merge your cultural experiences with students from different cultures, but also, opens a completely different world and perspective on life.

Students will now have the first chance to live in an independent lifestyle and will be responsible to take a proactive role in their education. It is obvious at some point; us students have a tendency to forget how crucial learning is. To make the most of your university experience, your time must be used productively, even though students will be awaken to the realization that, procrastination is a disease and there is no excuse for Netflix and watching endless episodes of How to get away with murder. That part of lifestyle will be distracting the success in higher education.

It’s not all about textbooks

During your university years, it is in your hands the choices you make, so keep an eye out for your deadlines. The traditional stereotype that university students just hit the textbooks; there are numerous activities outside the classroom. To make the most out of your experience, I advise you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try all sorts of new things. Do you like football? Join your university football team.

Do you want to be a lawyer? Join the mock trial competitions. It is shocking how much opportunities there are for students in campus. For example, student union (SU) at the university itself, offers students activities that consist of volunteering projects and creating societies that brings people together. The law society is filled with influential young leaders who inspire other law students to participate in Moot Challenges in Law Society. This will bring out your leadership skills and motivation to learn more fields in your career path, as your learning does not have to be restricted in a classroom.

The degree stretches your mind and nurtures your critical thinking and if you think for a second that starting your law revision at 3am on the third floor at the university library is your whole entire experience, then you are wrong. Activities outside the lecture hall will have a huge impact on your personal development journey and will give you a chance to challenge yourself. There is no need to regret anything during university.

Broaden your horizons beyond University

 Do you want an educational ‘vacation’? You can apply to gain experience on an international internship, for instance a law firm in Singapore or Dubai. Not only would this experience allow you to explore different aspects of how law in a new culture, but witnessing first-handing knowledge of how law works among states will broadened students perspectives on their own education and showing a practical value on their degree. Now do you still think University is boring? 

Where will your internship take you?

I personally, went to university to obtain a law degree to tackle the lack of legal jobs. In a legalistic society such as ours, we need lawyers to help the vulnerable citizens overcome injustice and inequality. A cohesion society needs the public to understand the law and we need lawyers to encourage this process. 

My name is Archana Nayar. I am an undergraduate Student at the University of Surrey studying a Law Degree. I have always had the passion to write articles in order to express my opinions and thoughts, in order to help people


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