TSL Reviews: Land Law by Louise Glover & Kate Campbell-Pilling

TSL Reviews: Land Law by Louise Glover & Kate Campbell-Pilling

Land Law by Louise Glover & Kate Campbell- Pilling

Review by Alv Grasun


As a ‘veteran’ of Land Law, having encountered it both at University and during my Legal Practice Course, I have read my fair share of books, materials and revision guides. Once I received this book, I can genuinely say that I have been slightly frustrated that no one recommended this to me earlier.

Land Law is commonly held to be one of the hardest modules for students, mainly because the material is often taught in different manners; in lectures, the material was taught from the middle of the curriculum, whilst seminars were structured differently, resulting in at least a generation of confused students. This book might just be the answer to all the late night library sessions or meltdowns, when no one actually understands the assignment itself, let alone the material.


Voila, Louise Glover & Kate Campbell-Pilling saved you. This book contains, within three hundred and nineteen pages, a solid basis of Land Law and a clear understanding of the course material. Its division in fourteen chapters makes it easy to navigate, and the material becomes build-able; by that I mean that it is extremely easy to follow on from the previous chapter and connect it with the following one(s). This helps you to acquire a good understanding, directly proportionate with the progression of the book.

The chapters are structured into short paragraphs, each with its adjacent header, breaking down the otherwise quite dense material. By keeping the information into condensed bursts of information, yet within comprehensive sections, it becomes easier to assimilate and understand the material – especially in the context of Land Law.

In this module, it is quite hard to develop a logical way to retain information. You need to be able to do this whilst structuring it in your head in a way that will help you analyse the case studies/exam questions that require application of the information studied. This tool, therefore, potentially becomes a major saving grace to a student. You will not end up with plain regurgitation of what you have just learned mot à mot on a few pieces of paper. Land

On top of that, there is a practical example right at the end of each chapter, where you can really test whether you have actually understood everything correctly. This is automatically another way to practice for your exams and assignments. All the legislation is also included in the correct sections, as well as all the cases you would need to cite to showcase your knowledge. They are, of course, also used in the examples, and this further helps to reinforce everything.

To sum up, this might be just be one of the most comprehensive books out there that does not also need an additional revision guide to help you. Therefore, it is one that I recommend wholeheartedly. The very comprehensive and structured approached taken by these authors, finally sheds some light on the sometimes dreaded module that is Land Law.

This is an independent review, written by one of our student reviewers. 

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