2016 Briefing Papers: The Nightmare Year?

2016 Briefing Papers: The Nightmare Year?

2016. It may have seen a lot of beloved celebrity deaths and uncertainty cast all over the world, but it hasn’t been all bad. Let’s reflect on some of the good things to come out of this year…


  1. A peace deal between Columbia and the Farc was signed to end more than 50 years of war

On the 24th November, the president of Columbia Juan Manuel Santos created and signed a peace deal with rebel leader Timochenko. That followed a failed previous attempt, with a majority of the Columbian public rejecting the deal in a referendum. The war had been going on since the 1960s with the government fighting for peace and stability, and rebels fighting for social justice through communism for Columbian civilians. More than 220,000 people died in the conflict. The deal meant that the rebel FARC group would become a political party that is able to be elected into government, rather than them having to fight for victory President Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the agreement.


  1. Barack Obama has banned oil and gas drilling in the Arctic

On the 20th December, President Obama used a 1953 law to permanently ban most of the oil and gas drilling in US owned parts of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. It is said that this is Obama’s effort to make it more difficult for President Trump to drill in these oceans, thus helping to protect the environment.


  1. Great Britain came second in the medal table at this Summer’s Rio Olympics

Britain smashed their medal targets at the Rio summer Olympics this year, placing above the powerhouse of China. 35% of the team came back with a medal from the games, and dominated the tables in track cycling and rowing. One of the most notable achievements was that of track cyclist Jason Kenny, who took away 3 gold medals from the games.


  1. The UN appointed the first ever LGBT rights expert

This follows two previous successful years for the LGBT community which saw the legalisation of gay marriage in both the UK and US. It is hoped that the appointment of thus expert will further protect LGBT people from violence and discrimination across the world.


  1. Leicester City beat odds of 5000/1 to win the Premier League

With odds like that it was more likely that the Queen would make Christmas Number 1, Elvis would be found alive AND Simon Cowell would become Prime Minister. If you ever needed that glimmer of hope to never stop believing in yourself then this is proof that dreams can come true. Now get on with your applications!


From all of us at The Student Lawyer, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy, peaceful and prosperous 2017!


Written by Ben Men

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