Commercial Awareness Update 04/11/16

Commercial Awareness Update 04/11/16

Here are today’s headlines:

Election Round-Up

Over the week the polls have been tightening, with Trump now only two points behind Clinton. Donald Trump is currently ahead in the Arizona and Texas polls and locked with Clinton in Georgia. Last night Melania Trump gave a speech, saying that “Donald Trump will make America fair […] safe […] prosperous […] proud […] great again.” Having been accused of plagiarising Michelle Obama’s speech, Melania now faces the same accusation for one of Marla Maples’ speeches, Donald Trump’s ex-wife.  Trump, in Jacksonville, has said that Clinton should not be allowed to run due to the FBI’s investigation and has called the system rigged. Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton has been discussing how women are shaping history with their votes in the election and also emphasised her hopeful future as compared to Trump’s fear-mongering. The Economist has endorsed Clinton and has said that Donald Trump is unsuited to be the Head of State. Also, on 07/11/16 both the Obamas and the Clintons will rally together in Philadelphia to encourage voters. Read more on the Independent, the BBC or the Economist.

Ministers to Fight Brexit Ruling

The effect of yesterday’s High Court ruling has left many suggesting whether the general election will come sooner, particularly due to the narrow majority held in the House of Commons. The question has also been raised about whether Parliament will attempt to block the will of the people following the referendum. This has raised tensions between the concepts of Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Executive’s powers. Despite the fact that the EU referendum was advisory and not mandatory, it would conflict the ideal of a representative democracy to contradict the voice of the people. Whilst the claimant in the case, Gina Miller, says that the claim was simply to gain legal certainty, the question arises whether the case’s true intention is to prevent the activation of Article 50. Aside from the constitutional significance, the pound has jumped to a four-week high due to the result of the court case. Read about it on the Wall Street Journal Blog,  the BBC or the Independent.

Rent to Rise Faster than House Prices

Property agents Savills have forecasted that rents will increase by 19% between now and 2021, while house prices will only rise by 13%. While rent is expected to rise, house prices are expected to flatline. For those students who intend to rely on rented property over the coming years, it may be alarming to consider that the expensive option of buying a house may in fact be cheaper than continuing to rent. This also brings social issues when considering the high percentage of homeless people in the country. As prices continue to rise, where will people be able to afford to live? Read more on the Guardian or the BBC

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