Commercial Awareness Update 03/11/16

Commercial Awareness Update 03/11/16

Here are today’s headlines:

The High Court rules that the UK cannot leave the EU without a vote by Parliament

In the referendum, the Government asked the citizens what they thought about leaving the EU.  However today, the UK’s High Court has ruled that that decision is not enough to trigger Article 50 – that would require a vote from MPs.  Of course MPs would need to take into consideration the will of the people when they vote but ultimately, Theresa May cannot trigger Article 50 without a majority in Parliament.  Read more on The Guardian’s Live Blog hereon Bloomberg here or get The Lawyer’s take here.

Obama continues to urge Americans to vote for Hillary

Obama claims a vote for Trump threatens civil rights, the fate of the US Republic and the World.  Trump says Obama should stop campaigning for Hillary and get on with running the country.  Hillary’s email accounts are still being investigated by the FBI following allegations that she broke federal laws by operating a private email server when she was Secretary of State.  The polls show a tight race between the two candidates. Read more on the BBC here, or on The Independent here.

Nearly 10,000 drivers caught distracted while driving in since 2012

Claims for tougher sanctions needed to make people more aware of the dangers of using mobile phones behind the wheel, including fines and penalty points.  The current punishment is 3 points for using a phone behind the wheel but the Government says they are pushing ahead with plans to raise this to 6 points.  In the past 4 years, despite over 200,000 people being caught at least once, only 284 received a penalty for the offence. Almost 10,000 drivers have been caught twice for using a mobile whilst driving and over 600 people have been caught 3 times.  Read more on the BBC here.


Further reading:

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  2. Woman who accused Donald Trump of child rape said she could not go public as she received ‘terrible threats’ (The Independent)
  3. German court rules parents of 15-year-old girl cannot stop her having sexual relationship with uncle, 47 (The Telegraph)
  4. Shame on you law firms, for letting down your parents (The Lawyer)
  5. Bar’s average pay creeps toward £70,000 (The Law Gazette)
  6. Overworked judges facing ‘unprecedented difficulties’ – Lord Chief Justice (The Law Gazette)
  7. Young lawyer hanged herself after arrest for drink-driving (The Times)
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