Commercial Awareness Update 28/10/16

Commercial Awareness Update 28/10/16

Here are today’s headlines:

The Political Effect on the Pound: The pound fell yesterday despite its first growth since Brexit. This underscores how despite some good news for the UK economy, fears over the UK’s political situation seem to dictate the state of it’s currency.

The brief growth was due to the Office of National Statistics reporting that the UK economy had grown 0.5% in Q3.

During the Tori Party Conference when the PM, Theresa May, discussed managing migrant numbers whilst securing good access to the EUs 500 million strong consumers, the pound dipped 4% showing the strong correlation between politics and economics.

Philippine Mayor Shot: And the President was responsible!

Samsudin Dimaukom, mayor of the southern town of Saudi Ampatuan had been identified by Duterte as one of over 150 local government officials, judges, police to be involved in the illegal drug trade. They were all ordered to surrender or Duterte and his men would come for them.

Duterte and his men did come for them, and Dimaukom and nine of his men were killed in a shootout today in the town of Makilala, about 950 km south of Manila.

The Mayor claimed to the media that he was in fact fighting the illegal drug trade and supported Duterte’s policies.  However, police had received information that Dimaukom’s supporters had arranged to transport a large supply of methamphetamine from the President’s very hometown, Davao city, to Maguindanao province, where Dimaukom resides. On searching Dimaukom’s compound however, no drugs were found.

Duterte came to power in May, under the promise to eradicate drugs.  Despite the EU calling on the Philippine government to stop killing drug suspects, he claims he is not breaking any domestic laws by threatening to kill criminals.  So far his crime war has claimed 3,800 lives and drawn criticism from the UN and international rights groups.

In response to the EU’s criticism of his policies, he said:

“I have read the condemnation of the European Union. I’m telling them, ‘**** you,'”. Mature.

Trump Throws His Toys Out The Pram: The Donald considers he might actually lose and suggests the election be called off.

The election is in just 11 days and polls predict Clinton as the likely winner.  Trump continues to criticise her at every opportunity.

Speaking at a rally in Ohio yesterday, he said “I’m just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump, right?”

He suggests that the election is rigged against himself, citing old voting machines causes the wrong candidate to be selected by touchscreens.

Obama is concerned that his comments will raise doubts in people’s minds as to the legitimacy of the vote and “undermine democracy”.

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