Listen: The Student Lawyer’s EU Referendum Debate

Listen: The Student Lawyer’s EU Referendum Debate

It’s hard now to remember a world in which there was not an upcoming EU Referendum, such has been the pervasiveness of this debate into all spheres of life. Many potential voters have been turned off, quite rightly, by the conduct of many prominent figures within the debate. More specifically, the way in which this discussion on the future of the UK has somehow turned into a Conservative Leadership debate.

Unhelpful too is the conflicting messages coming from all areas. For instance, Theresa May supports staying in the EU, but would like to leave the Convention on Human Rights, whereas Boris Johnson believes in the exact opposite.

The goal of our series on the EU Referendum was to cut through all of this ‘B.S.’, aimed at our student readers who want to engage in the debate but aren’t finding need fulfilled by most of the media. Therefore, this debate is a culmination of our entire series.

We were very lucky to get some great speakers in, and you can view it in all its entirety below. We hope you enjoy, and hope for many comments and a lot of feedback.


Our Speakers:

Garvan Walshe   Garvan Walshe, Director at Project for Modern Democracy


Josiah MortimerJosiah Mortimer, Communications Officer, Electoral Reform Society


Connar Connar McBain, Senior Parliamentary Assistant at House of Commons


Jacob Jacob Diamond, studied politics at King’s College London


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