Things for Lawyers: Sena Vettra 360 Review

Things for Lawyers: Sena Vettra 360 Review

The Student Lawyer primarily looks at the ways you can improve your chances of becoming a lawyer. We talk about interview technique, application form advice and how to survive law school. Sometimes we even talk about how much money you can earn when you finally get there. But until now, we’ve never discussed what happens when you become a lawyer and all of the things you can spend your hard-earned money on. In the new Things for Lawyers series, we’ll be exploring some of the best items money can buy to make work easier, more fun or to help you look good while doing it.


Our friends at Sena have sent us one of their latest cases for the iPad Pro 9.7″ to review.

Vettra 360 by Sena – $89.95


What does it do?

The Vettra 360 is a case for your iPad Pro (they also make versions for other iPad versions) made from high quality leather and comes in either black or tan. The front cover closes to sleep and opens to wake your iPad. There’s also a leather loop on the right hand side of the case to keep your Apple Pencil safe when you aren’t using it.

However, all of these are standard features for a case at this price point and aren’t what makes the Vettra 360 stand out. As the name suggests, the snap in tray that holds the iPad rotates allowing you to use the case as a stand in horizontal mode and then rotate the iPad to a portrait position for viewing at a different angle. Although you’ll want to use the iPad in landscape mode when watching movies, the portrait mode comes in very handy when reading or taking notes.


ipad_pro9.7_vettra360_detail_3_deskThe Vettra 360 is a really well made, affordable case for your iPad. The rotating snap in tray is a really useful features and isn’t something I’ve seen anywhere else. Unfortunately for me, this extra feature makes the case a bit thicker than I’d like, so it wouldn’t work for me.

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