Why Slip and Fall Injuries are Serious Business

It can happen almost anywhere at any time. You’re walking on a street corner, in a store or on the job, and suddenly you slip and fall. Besides the obvious, seeking medical attention, you need to record the exact location of the accident, take pictures if possible and get statements from anyone who was there to witness the incident. Also, if the injury happened in the workplace or inside a business, make sure you file a report before leaving the scene and if it’s serious and want more information on what to do then click here to continue reading. This report will come into play at a later date, be sure to include explicit details of how, why and where you fell. Once you establish the evidence, it’s time to call in a professional law firm like Siegfried & Jensen to file and pursue the lawsuit.

When you begin to slip a natural instinct is to prevent the fall. Because of this your neck, back, head and hip can suffer from trauma that can take days to surface. Any one of these is serious. They will reduce your quality of life, as you know it and your loved will also suffer as a result. So even if you feel you sustained no serious injuries it’s best to get a full examination and let a doctor make the final decision.

Depending on your age, there are many different types of injuries you can sustain. You can have a broken pelvis, neck or back injuries, torn ligaments or tendons. Once you visit a doctor and you determine the seriousness of the slip and fall, your attorney will begin the case against the responsible parties. He/she will meet with you and keep a copy of the filed report, your examination, photographs and any statements you have from witnesses.

Once your intake and documents are in order, your attorney will then try to settle the case without going to court. In most cases this doesn’t happen because the insurance company will not take your injuries seriously and try to reduce the proposed settlement. If this happens your attorney will schedule a meeting with you to discuss any offer of settlement and then advise you on what to do next. Of course, you always have the right to accept a proposal even if your attorney feels it’s not in your best interest.

If you decide to go ahead with a trial, all parties involved will receive a scheduled date for appearance in court to plead their side. Determining factors for your settlement amount may include your age, loss wages, loss of quality of life, as well as spousal and child losses. Your attorney will schedule a meeting with you prior to the court date to go over the line of questioning and tell you on how to best respond.

Unfortunately, a slip and fall injury is a common occurrence. Since you naturally try to prevent the fall serious injuries may happen that don’t surface until long after the accident. It’s best to address the situation quickly and find out if your body suffered any damage as a result.

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