Brexit: an Editorial

Brexit: an Editorial

Should we stay or Should we go?

Ah yes, ‘Brexit’: the cringe-worthy portmanteau that the majority of the populace have gone from being unaware of- to being completely sick of- in a very short period of time. On the 23rd June, voters will take to the polls in what is Britain’s only third nationwide referendum (previous ones being the EEC and the Alternative Vote).

That previous referendum was a perfect example of how not to run an important, nationwide referendum. In 2011, the actual issues took a back seat in what was a dirtily-fought campaign which focussed on rhetoric and misinformation, rather than the facts. This time, it seems like it is going to be much the same, with both sides publishing daily sound-bites of dubious legitimacy, and focussing on the fear factor more than anything else.

Many university students/graduates, even those who study Law and/or Politics, admit to finding themselves confused by all the information and the debate on both sides. If people who are currently being taught by experts on the subject are not really sure what facts they can use to base their decision on- what hope does the rest of the country have?

Therefore, this is where we come in- The Student Lawyer. We will be producing a series of articles over the coming weeks, designed to offer both facts and opinion, to cut through the angry rhetoric and give our readers the best information possible- and to hopefully engage people too, because the worst thing to happen in this situation is apathy. We only have to look and the veritable ‘omni-shambles’ currently unfolding in the American Presidential primaries to see the dangers that apathy can create.

That’s not to say our writers will be robots with no opinions, and some of them will publish articles based on what they believe. This difference- we hope- is that our articles will be fact-checked and avoid the nasty rhetoric that often can come from Westminster, various newspapers, and hastily written Facebook posts. Consistent with our aim to engage, we encourage comment, disagreement and discussion on any and all of our coming articles- there is very rarely one ‘right’ way on issues such as this. Check out our forum dedicated to the referendum here and share your thoughts!


Regardless the next coming months, leading up to the referendum in June, will prove to be a very interesting time for the future of our island – with whatever decision that is made bound to cause serious ramifications across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. I hope you will join us for the ride!

Nathan Gore
Articles Section Managing Editor

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