Things for Lawyers: Mac Accessories

Things for Lawyers: Mac Accessories

The Student Lawyer primarily looks at the ways you can improve your chances of becoming a lawyer. We talk about interview technique, application form advice and how to survive law school. Sometimes we even talk about how much money you can earn when you finally get there. But until now, we’ve never discussed what happens when you become a lawyer and all of the things you can spend your hard-earned money on. In the new Things for Lawyers series, we’ll be exploring some of the best items money can buy to make work easier, more fun or to help you look good while doing it.

In the second article in the series, we’ll be exploring a couple of great accessories for your Mac to make your life that little bit easier.

Our good friends at Twelve South have sent us two of their latest accessories to share with you. Twelve South is an American company that produces innovative accessories just for Apple devices.

ParcSlope by Twelve South – £39.99

What does it do?

The ParcSlope is a stand for your Macbook or iPad Pro, which gives it a better typing angle, brings the screen height up slightly and tidies the cables on your desk. It’s a simple idea, but it makes a real difference, especially if you like to use your Mac with a second screen on your desk.


You know the product is going to be well made the moment you see the box. The ParcSlope comes in a chunky brown box made of a really high quality card. It’s the kind of box you’d expect of a luxury fashion accessory, not a metal laptop stand.

The ParcSlope is a simple idea – a solid piece of metal in a wedge shape. The stand is actually surprisingly heavy and the metal is very strong, there’s definitely no chance you’ll bend it. There isn’t much to talk about when it comes to quality, just that it’s very very good.


The ParcSlope claims to elevate the Mac to a more comfortable viewing height and create a more comfortable typing angle. I definitely found that it does both. The 18-degree typing angle is much more comfortable and I felt that the ever so slightly higher screen height meant I was looking down less and as a result strained my neck less.

The stand has rubber feet to stop it sliding across the desk and even has rubberised areas on the top and bottom of the stand. These areas ensure your Mac doesn’t slide whilst on the stand and also protects the Mac finish from the metal of the stand.

As a bonus, the back of the stand has a cut out which acts as a cable tidy. Simply thread your cables through the cut out and when you’re ready to take your Macbook on the go, just unplug the cables and the ParcSlope will keep them all in place. No more hunting around the back of your desk for cables!


The ParcSlope is a really well made, affordable stand for your MacBook. It also doubles up as a great drawing/writing wedge for your iPad Pro if you’re an early adopter of Apple’s supersize iPad. If you’re like me and use a second screen on your desk, or even if you just want the feeling of an organised work space, the ParcSlope is a great choice.

Buy the Durham Bag from KNOMO for £249.

PlugBug by Twelve South – £39

f049851ebb6602eae0eaa6d23c7f2bdfd29e8f0fThe second accessory Twelve South thought we’d like is the PlugBug World. The PlugBug is a cool little alternative to your MacBook charger that gives you some handy additional functionality.

First, the PlugBug connects to your existing charger to give you an additional USB power slot. This means you can charge your iPhone or iPad from the same plug as you charge your Mac. The device can also be used as a standalone USB charger.


Even better, the PlugBug comes with 5 international adapter heads so that you can charge your devices in UK, Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan and many other places, without needing any other adapters.

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