NPBW: National Pro Bono Week 2015 @

NPBW: National Pro Bono Week 2015 @

It is National Pro Bono Week 2015 at! This week, we will celebrate the impact of pro bono work carried out by legal professionals and raise awareness of continued efforts. Organised and championed by the Law Society, this special week has specific goals and as well as featuring the work already carried out!

The goals are:

  1. Recruiting more pro bono volunteers.
  2. Increasing legal services to individuals, charities, and community groups who cannot afford to pay for them.
  3. Improving community understanding and support for pro bono.
  4. Fostering collaborative relationships.
  5. Recognising the pro bono efforts of English and Welsh lawyers.

If you wish to find out more information about National Pro Bono Week 2015, visit this website. You will find a list of activities that may be going on in your area; check them out and show your support!

We will be publishing articles about various aspects of pro bono work in order to raise awareness throughout the week, including what commercial law firms are doing to support those in need, highlighting the work of LawWorks, and an insight into a couple of projects that our writers have personally been involved in.

Get involved with National Pro Bono Week on Twitter by using #NPBW2015 and don’t forget to check out our forum where we have a thread set up to discuss all things pro bono!


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