20 Essex Street Creates Pupillage Twitter Account

20 Essex Street Creates Pupillage Twitter Account

The Bar: an institution often plagued by criticisms of elitism and Oxbridge bias. However, 20 Essex Street sought to combat these criticisms by venturing onto Twitter and creating an account for aspiring pupils. Named 20ESpupillage, the account seeks to make the profession seem more accessible, and attempts to achieve this by including quotes from pupils, relevant news and advice.

Although the account is very recent, it has potential to be a great source both to those who are set on becoming a barrister and those who are still undecided. For those who are certain that the Bar is the career for them, the account aims to provide information about what the Chambers is actually like, which is information that is not immediately ascertainable if one scours the Chambers’ websites. Providing insights into the motivations of the pupils is a great way to engage and encourage prospective applicants to apply. Moreover, for those who are undecided if the Bar is the profession for them, the account also makes the profession far more accessible and attempts to show that those who are barristers are perfectly normal people, something which there CVs may not suggest.

Overall, this is a great initiative and one which more Chambers should subscribe to. Some Chambers, such as Keating Chambers, have set up similar accounts but the advantages of such accounts are immeasurable for they provide a wealth of information and gives prospective applicants a vital insight to life at Chambers. For those aspiring to a career at the Bar, this is most definitely worth a look!

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