How to Survive the Final Year of a Law Degree: A Guide to Success

How to Survive the Final Year of a Law Degree: A Guide to Success

It is  your last year at university and graduation is firmly in sight. However in order to get there, you have to ensure you can get through the endless deadlines, the final exams and the end of year dissertation.  There will be highs and lows as you walk the final road to success, this guide will aim to help you get there.

Get an early start on revision

Starting early and being able to get ahead with vital research will mean that you have more time at the later stages to put your revision and course notes together.  While this might feel like a slightly drastic measure you will feel much better when you can start your next essay, or your next revision topic a month earlier than planned.

Motivate yourself

Find out  what motivates you and use it to your advantage. Do you have a particular interest in a specific topic of law that you are studying ?  Get books out of the library on a certain topic that you would like to read about in your spare time. You will get extra work in,  and enjoy it at the same time.

Create a schedule

The most common worry I have heard from students is that they can not juggle work commitments, child care and exams. If this the case then creating a schedule that you can pin up on your wall is a great way to manage all these things.  Aim to do one  hour of revision  or one hour of coursework. Then schedule one or two rest days in-between when you can have fun and relax.

Get to know your tutors

Another common worry amongst student’s is that they feel they can not approach their tutors to ask questions and advice. Many students worry about how to present their work or may be confused about strict guidelines.  Schedule a time with your tutor when you can sit down and highlight all concerns and worries, then work out a plan of how you can tackle these issues head on.

Make a life plan

This might sound like  a scary prospect but it will keep you motivated when things get tough. If you have a specific dream job, or the next university course that you wish to apply for, then striving for good results will keep you going. Nothing will feel better then knowing that 2:1 you’re striving for will land you that dream job or training contract.

Top advice for success.

If the idea of getting through your final year at university terrifies you, try and turn this around and realise what a great chance this is to enhance your life, improve your career prospects and get that dream job. Remember that once you graduate your life is a blank canvas and it is yours to design any way you wish.  So when things get tough, study hard and carry on.


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