A Guide to Politics for Law Students – Introduction

A Guide to Politics for Law Students – Introduction

With the upcoming General Election on 7th May 2015, The Student Lawyer is covering the run up by producing a number of articles concerning ‘A Guide to Politics for Law Students’. Whether you are into politics, know a little bit about politics or are completely new to politics, this guide is designed to help you in the understanding of the upcoming General Election, the conventions and traditions and most importantly, how the political system works.

Written by our very own Editorial Content Manager, Nathan will be writing a series of articles devoted to the following topics:

  • The electoral system – ‘First Past the Post’ and electoral conventions
  • Constitutional conventions surrounding Parliament – Hung Parliaments; Five-year terms; Coalitions
  • Becoming Prime Minister
  • How to get into politics
  • The overlap between law and politics

These articles will be written in the typical style of The Student Lawyer; accessible to all and easy to understand guides for those wanting to know more about politics, law and how they intertwine with one another. We hope you enjoy the series and find them helpful in understanding the upcoming General Election and how the UK votes for its various forms of government.

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