Morning Headlines 7/4/2015

Morning Headlines 7/4/2015

Good morning. Here’s the news roundup.

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  1. Google could be fined £4.4bn as Brussels signals legal challenge in offing (The Guardian)
  2. Death-Row Australians Lose Clemency Appeal (Sky News)
  3. UK government plans to introduce mandatory age-checks on porn sites (The Verge)
  4. Lobbying by charities needs the protection of the law (The Guardian)
  5. Christian fights to clear name over ruling that she ‘bullied’ Muslim by praying for her (The Express)
  6. Banks ‘pay 60%’ of profits in fines and customer payments (BBC News)
  7. Labour pledges to cancel judicial review changes (The Guardian)
  8. Half a million more people summoned to court over unpaid council tax, after benefits scrapped (The Independent)
  9. After Supreme Court, MGM Settles ‘Raging Bull’ Rights Dispute (Hollywood Reporter)
  10. Fraternity in discredited UVA rape story vows legal action against Rolling Stone (Fox News)
  11. Alabama man who spent nearly 30 years on death row freed: ‘Case is quite tragic’ (The Guardian)
  12. Bakers and Allen & Overy act on €4.4bn FedEx bid for TNT (Legal Week)
  13. Chapel Hill shooting: Man accused of killing three Muslim students could face death penalty (The Independent)
  14. U.S. Judge allows woman to serve divorce papers over Facebook (The Verge)
  15. Illegal downloading: Australia internet firms must supply data (BBC News)
  16. Supreme Court Rejects Appeal from Alan Gross, Subcontractor Freed From Cuba (NBC News)
  17. Malaysia passes controversial anti-terror bill (BBC News)
  18. Legal battle over Jay Z’s sampling on Big Pimpin’ comes to head after eight years (The Guardian)
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