Review: The Nodus Access Case for iPad

Review: The Nodus Access Case for iPad

At £99, the Nodus Access case might be a bit pricey for the average law student. However if you take quality and style as seriously as you take your studies, or you’re a recently qualified lawyer looking for a case that wouldn’t look out of place in even the most important meeting, it may well be worth a look.

I used my iPad quite extensively at university. When preparing for seminars, I’d make my notes in Pages and save them to my iPad for the seminar. This was really useful as it meant I didn’t have to carry around several folders for the different seminars all day. Best of all, I could amend my notes throughout the seminar and save everything in one place. When you’re using typed notes, searching also becomes easier, so no more losing important notes in stacks of paper.

We’ve looked at the pros and cons of using an iPad as a law student. Although I’ve now graduated, I still use my iPad on a daily basis. In the morning, I find myself reading the FT or Wall Street Journal on the underground. During the day I’ll use my iPad to take notes in meetings, check my email when I’m away from my computer or browse the web. On the way home, I like to watch videos or read articles.

I love my iPad. I love how thin and light it is and how much I can get done on it. But I’m always looking for something. I’m always looking for the perfect case. Last week I found out about a case that used some really interesting technology to make the case stand out. I thought it might be exactly what I was looking for and I asked for one to review.

The Nodus Access Case is an incredibly high quality leather case made for the iPad Air and iPad Mini (they also make a version for the iPhone). The case comes in both ‘chestnut brown’ and ‘ebony black’ and, although not cheap at £99 for the iPad Air version, my week with the case leads me to believe that the case more than justifies the price tag.

We’ll look at the quality of the case in a moment, but first let’s look at what makes this case special. It’s the first case in the world that uses ‘Micro Suction’ technology to hold the iPad in place. This means you don’t need the clip-in tray or envelope style enclosure that adds bulk to most cases. Micro Suction uses millions of tiny little suckers to grip onto the back of the iPad, holding it securely in place. Although it’s an incredibly strong hold, there won’t be any residue on the back of the iPad when you remove it from the case. Best of all, you can easily take the iPad in and out of the case as many times as you want, without losing the strong grip, though Nodus recommends you wipe the suction pads with a damp cloth every now and again. When I first put the iPad into the case, it took a couple of minutes to get it lined up, but once I pressed it down onto the suction strip it held in place securely. The front of the case also has a small suction strip on it to make sure the case closes securely.

The craftsmanship and build quality is really nice. Nodus has used full grain Italian leather for the outside and a really nice micro fibre lining inside to give it the premium feel you’d expect for the price tag. The quality of the stitching is outstanding and overall the case looks and feels fantastic. Inside the case you’ll find a small pocket to store sheets of paper or perhaps a business card, as well as a small Nodus logo. One of the great things about this case is that Nodus hasn’t chosen to cover it in their own branding, which adds to the style.


All of the ports and buttons are still accessible, even when the case is closed and there is a cut out for the camera on the back. The case has a few different angles to allow for typing or watching video.

Overall, I think this is the best case I’ve ever used for iPad. The case looks and feels premium, with beautiful quality leather and solid build quality. The micro suction technology means there is no unnecessary bulk added to the iPad, so it’s as thin as can be. The case is pricey. At £99 it’s near the top end of the market. For a lot less you can get cases which provide more complete protection. However, with the Nodus, that’s not what you’re buying. If your main concern when buying a case is merely getting the job done, this case isn’t for you. Nothing about the Nodus Access Case says cheap and that’s what you’re paying for. This case is for people who are willing to spend the extra money for a truly premium product. Long story short, if you’re not afraid to splash out for the right case, this is the best case money can buy.

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