Rolls-Royce in Petrobras Bribery Scandal

Rolls-Royce in Petrobras Bribery Scandal

The Financial Times reported on Monday that Rolls-Royce was part of a multi-billion dollar bribery scandal at Petrobras in Brazil. Rolls Royce makes wind turbines for the oil producer, and it is reported that the company has ensured it was awarded a $100m contract by paying bribes which would make them party to the Petrobras bribery scandal that has spanned a large proportion of the last decade.

In documents that have been made public by Brazil’s federal court system, Mr Barusco informed police that he as an individual had received $200,000 from the British engineering company and added that this only made up a proportion of the bribes paid.

Rolls Royce has responded to the accusations by saying that they do not ‘tolerate improper business conduct of any sort and will take all necessary action to ensure compliance, including co-operating with authorities in any country.’ They also added that they were not in receipt of any details regarding the accusations nor had the Brazilian authorities contacted them.

Petrobras is currently embroiled in a scandal that has led to the resignation of six top executives. The SFO in the UK has launched its own investigation into Rolls Royce regarding possible bribery claims in Indonesia and China.

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