Join The Forum Exclusive To Law Students

Join The Forum Exclusive To Law Students

If you’re an aspiring lawyer (and of course you are) you won’t want to miss out on this chance to connect with other law students, share ideas and network.

For more than 3 years, The Student Lawyer has provided aspiring lawyers with everything they need to make chasing down that dream career in law that little bit easier.

We’ve always aimed to find new ways to connect law students and give them the opportunity to share info and learn from each other. Although there are a few other forums for students out there, we wanted to build one specifically for law students, covering all of the key issues you encounter.

We’re also giving you the opportunity to win prizes, just for posting in the forum! We’ll be randomly selecting posts and contacting the member to offer you a prize. Prizes include Amazon vouchers, revision guides, textbooks, iTunes vouchers and event tickets. The most active members will receive additional prizes each month, including invites to networking dinners, law firm meet ups and more.

To visit and join the forum, click the green button below or to the right.

BUT, this isn’t just a forum. We’ve added some additional features that we think will be really useful:

  • Blogs – replacing our existing Blawgs platform, you’ll be able to create your own blog and publish articles with just a couple of clicks. Best of all, users of the forum will be able to follow your blog and get notifications when you publish new articles, as well as commenting on their favourite ones. We’ll feature the best blogs both on the forum and on the TSL website.
  • Calendar – we’ll be adding events from law societies, employers and universities to our calendar. You’ll be able to RSVP and chat with other users who are attending the event.
  • Questions & Answers – in some of our forums, we’ve created dedicated question and answer sections. You’ll be able to ask a question and vote for the best answer. The answer with the most votes will automatically go to the top of the page to help other people with the same question.
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