Laws & Moral : Abortion Laws in Texas

Laws & Moral : Abortion Laws in Texas

The recent news regarding the abortion laws in Texas which seemingly has been harsh on women in getting an abortion has provoked thoughts on whether laws should be based on morality. In assessing this issue the focus should be placed on the formation of laws, that is, where laws originate from. As many would have known, it is the norms, practices and habits that were being subsequently codified into law. But again the question is that where did the habits, norms and practices come from ? Many of the laws would have derived from moral ground . However, the important thing to take note of is that what is considered moral changes with time. What may be seen as inhumane in the ancient may no longer pose the same view in today’s society.

In discussing the abortion laws in Texas that seem to have taken a bit more of an account of ‘morality’, the autonomy of the women has been compromised. But we must take into account that the practices of the people in today’s society were no longer the same so did the society’s perception towards the concept of moral. The standard of moral practice by today’s society is more towards honouring one’s autonomy, especially in this laissez faire economy where everyone is minding about their own business. Hence, it could be said that those harsh laws were not that morally right in the sense that it goes more towards an extreme in the sense that the laws were too harsh on women and the interest of the women were not being taken into account. This can be seen as a compromise on gender equality thus is inconsistent with the concept of morality in 21st century where everyone is talking about human rights.

Another point is that those harsh laws have failed to take into account the fact that not every single household has the financial ability to raise a child. So, is it morally right to force the parent to give birth to a child when she does not have the financial means to raise the child ?  Is it just to subject the child to poverty ?  Besides, the laws have also created adverse difficulties for teens to go through abortions and this again raises the issue of will the right of education of the teen be denied as a result of having to become a young parent. In Missouri, there were also mandatory anti-abortion videos which tells women that foetuses of 22 weeks and above can feel the pain of abortion and  is an independent human being on its own which is not true as medical evidence has shown that a 22 week old foetus can’t feel the sensation of pain. It is submitted that these procedure aims at traumatizing the women which many would have agreed that it is inhumane, cruel and inconsistent with the concept of morality in the 21st century.

In conclusion, it may be right to say that laws would have to be based on moral grounds but it is just that what constitutes morality in the 21st century are no longer the same as before and it is better they be considered in par with human rights, as honouring human rights can be said to have became the new benchmark for morality in the 21st century and any laws which is seen to be compromising on this standard may be perceived by the public as having done no justice and bear the risk of  suffering from political chaos.


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