7 Ways To Improve Your Time Management

7 Ways To Improve Your Time Management


As a law student, this is essential. The work never stops.

  • Make a list of what you need to do (on a post-it, diary, phone etc.)
  • Have something written down. Whether it is lectures, upcoming deadlines, time to write applications.
  • Once you have finished, check it off.

A checklist allows you to see the workload you have and puts it into perspective. Having a checklist focuses your mind on important objectives. When keeping a checklist, you’re also unlikely to forget tasks as it helps you order your thoughts and feel more in control.


Do urgent and important tasks first, not the easiest ones! No one is telling you to spend your whole life studying. You need time to socialise, eat, sleep or go to the gym. However, ask yourself what is most important and factor that into your decision-making.


When you have things to do, focus. Turn off your phone. Get a good chair. Shut off everything that you’re not really using. Clear your desk. Put on headphones (no music or classical music) and get to work.

Time yourself

Know when you started studying and be aware of how much time you have spent studying. Also do not forget to take regular breaks.

Say no to procrastination

We are all guilty of this. You know when you are procrastinating. Whether it is watching a couple of episodes of your favourite series, talking to your friends or browsing social media. Be aware when you are wasting time. The best time to do something is usually now, taking action generates the impetus for further action. Disconnect from your phone and the internet.

Persevere when things get difficult

Persevere when things don’t go right. Develop strategies to deal with pressure such as taking regular exercise or eating some chocolate. Take a positive attitude when things are not going as you planned and learn from your mistakes.

Download ‘Offtime’

This is an app on PlayStore for Android users. There is a similarly named app on the App Store,  but it is not the same thing. This app is great. You can customise it,  but it essentially cuts you off from the world by locking your phone so that you cannot access it. It is actually amazing. I recommended it if you have no self control when it comes to checking your phone.

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