TSL interview with Mr.Murali Kandasamy

TSL interview with Mr.Murali Kandasamy

In fulfilling the curiosity to discover what it takes to become the CEO of a company, I have had the quick idea of interviewing Mr.Murali Kandasamy, who is now the CEO of Brickfields Asia College. One may then be very well impressed by his account on how he achieved his dream to become successful one day, given a less than five minutes interview with him.

1. What sacrifices that you have made for you to be where you are today ?

The first word that came out of his mouth was the word ‘hardwork’. He is of the opinion that having a very focused objective is the key. One should then drive all his efforts towards achieving that objective. Certainly, sacrifices have to be made along the way and this is part of the choices that one has to make in life. When asked about what was his objective back then, he answered that he wanted to become an icon in the legal education industry and apparently he has been successful in achieving his aim today.

Mentioning this, one very important observation that I have made on him is that an objective can only be achieved if a person has put continuous effort in reflecting upon himself otherwise he is bound to stay in the same situation forever. Even if an objective has been achieved, continuous effort has to be put as to maintain or improve a particular position.

He also mentioned that success has nothing to do with luck. You get how much you have sacrificed.

2. What do you think are the most important qualities that a law student should possess ?

When asked about this question, he answered in a very certain manner that a student must have the following qualities:

‘a love to read, be determined and be consistent’ .

His answer may seem to be of no surprise to a legal student but the big question is how many of the students did follow the above golden rules even of they know about it from the very beginning. The answer may be rather ironic.

I have posed a rather funny real life question which I have encountered- ‘what about the students who can always read at the last minute but still pass their exams with relatively high score?’

He answered that an objective is a rather long-term thing and determination and consistency will usually bring you to the final part of the game. Doing things at the last minute may be able to get you out of troubles in the short term, but achieving objective is not something where you can do at the last minute. It requires high level of discipline.

3. What do you think are the most important qualities  that a lawyer should possess ?

He said that the most important qualities are integrity and professionalism. Other than that he also stated that most of the employers are not only seeking for paper qualification but rather a combination of both paper qualification and a right attitude. an increasing emphasis is being put on the attitude of the employee as everyone who comes for an interview has the right paper qualification in their hands. This signifies that paper qualification is the basic requirement to enter into the industry but a right attitude is becoming rather important in today’s societywhich is what the current graduates lack of. Although back then the level of education of the people may not be as high as what it is in today’s society but the people of the older generation generally have a better attitude compared to the younger generation which makes them learn things better.

4. What are the factors that have led you to make up your mind to work in a college instead of practicing in a law chamber ?

His very straight forward response being that his interest can be achieved at his current workplace. This indirectly signify that it is of utmost importance for a graduate to find a job which he believes is able to help him to achieve his objective and suit him. He stated that his current work allows him to fulfill his objective to do  social service and to share the knowledge which he had learned.

5. What is your view about the future of the legal industry in a developed country in comparison with a developed country ?

He was of the opinion that in a developed country, the legal industry is more stable in the sense that it has a set rules. The issue of an oversupply of lawyers in a developed country was being mentioned as well but he stated that the main problem lies within the trend that people are becoming too picky of their job. He said that one should always bear in mind that going out to a workplace is always about what the job expects of you and  not what you expect of the job and the legal profession is always your master.


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