EU Migrants Cut-Off From Britain’s Welfare State

EU Migrants Cut-Off From Britain’s Welfare State

David Cameron is taking a different approach in his attempt to deter EU migrant workers. It is said that he is planning to abandon the move to impose a cap on the number of workers who can enter Britain and instead is looking to limit the benefits that are available to immigrants. The changes are expected to warrant EU approval through changes to the treaty or legislation.

The decision is perceived by some as discriminatory and there is a risk that it could cause conflict between the UK and other members of the EU. However, it is thought that German chancellor; Angela Merkel will be reassured that her warnings regarding his proposed challenge to the EU principle of the free movement of workers have been heard. Concerns were also heard from business leaders who thought that a cap on EU immigration would limit the stream of skilled labour.

Migrant totals reached 260,000 in the last year which amounts to a net increase of 43 per cent.

A period of 4 years is expected to be implemented before foreigners will qualify to receive in-work support, including tax credits, and social housing. In addition, those who fail to secure employment within a six month period are at risk of being removed.

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