Studying with an iPad – Part 2: The Cons

Studying with an iPad – Part 2: The Cons

With ever increasing advances in technology, the traditional pen and paper approach to university is not the only way to go about your studies. Laptops, tablets and iPads are becoming a frequent sight in lecture theatres and seminar rooms. With the expense of an iPad taking a bite from your bank balance and seemingly little reward except for apps and taking notes, it begs the question: is it worth it? This article will look at the use of an iPad for studying.

Cons of an iPad at Undergraduate Level

  1.  Distraction. We all know how distracting having an iPad can be, even more so sitting in a lecture. The temptation for browsing the net, or Facebook or Twitter is overwhelming and often ends with you missing vital pieces of information for that all important exam.
  2.  The cost. An iPad is not cheap. Even with education pricing, the iPad is still a pricey product. It can leave a dent in your pocket when a decent small laptop can cost the same price. Even if you were to shop around, the prices of a product such as the iPad will not be varying too greatly, especially if you want the newest, top range iPad out there.
  3. Compatibility. iPads use different apps for word processing etc., compared with windows laptops. This does not necessarily mean you will unable to view files on a laptop, but you may find it frustrating needing to make sure everything is compatible with your laptop.

An iPad at LLM Level
I used an iPad at undergraduate level and also use it for my LLM. The reality is that using an iPad for all walks of life will share similar positives and negatives. As I work alongside studying, the iPad is great for reading seminar materials on the go especially when work demands long hours from time to time.

Using the iPad to take notes when in seminars is a great help. It is much easier to type on them than hand write notes; you pick up far more by typing. Gone are the times when you get home and you are trying to work out what it is that you were writing whilst feeling sleepy or struggling to write all the information you are bombarded with.

The battery life is second to none and has always lasted me when having a long day of lectures. Whilst the distraction to use Facebook or the internet is still there, the importance of studying for an LLM overrides the urge so that you refrain from doing anything else but take notes.


Getting an iPad is highly recommended. They’re a great tool to have in the modern-day world of studying. It is mobile, compact and invaluable for being able to take notes quickly. I have never looked back and have continuously used it throughout my studies. Coincidentally, I still also hand write notes too, but the iPad has changed the way I work and how I consolidate my notes.

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