Morning Briefing 26/6/2014

Morning Briefing 26/6/2014

Good morning. We have big news from the U.S. Supreme Court which has handed down decisions in two major cases. The hacking saga is almost at an end and one lawyer is arguing that chimpanzees should have the same rights as human beings. Today looks like the last day of sun before the rain sets in, so enjoy it while you can. 12 big news stories below.

  1. Assisted suicide campaigners fail to get supreme court to overturn ban (via The Guardian)
  2. Top New York securities regulator sues Barclays over ‘dark pool’ (via The FT – requires free registration)
  3. Celebrities sign letter calling for drug law change (via BBC News)
  4. Hacking Trial Jury Discharged On Final Charges (via Sky News)
  5. Spain’s Princess Cristina must face fraud charges, judge rules (via The Telegraph)
  6. Top judges raise concern over plan to restrict judicial review challenges (via The Guardian)
  7. U.S. Supreme Court says police must get warrants for most cellphone searches (via Washington Post)
  8. US lawyer’s test case to gain legal status for four chimpanzees could have far-reaching results (via Independent)
  9. Government will not legislate to protect whistleblowing partners (via Law Society Gazette)
  10. Phone-hacking trial costs estimated to be at least £60m (via The FT – requires free registration)
  11. Supreme Court Rules Aereo Violates Broadcasters’ Copyrights (via Wall Street Journal)
  12. US music licensing laws ‘arcane and dysfunctional,’ says RIAA chairman (via The Guardian)

As usual, if you want to comment on any of these stories, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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