Top 10 Twitter Accounts for the Student Lawyer

Top 10 Twitter Accounts for the Student Lawyer

Twitter is a tool that every law student should utilise. It can lead you to job applications, allow you contact your lecturers easily and keep you up-to-date with the latest legal news. Here’s my guide to who you should be following:

10. Luke Murphy – @TC_tips

Luke Murphy is a trainee solicitor at a large national law firm. He is very interested in giving law students a helping hand and offers careers guidance and mentoring to aspiring lawyers. Luke is passionate about supporting, motivating and inspiring individuals from all backgrounds to pursue their ambitions of breaking into the legal profession. Luke is also a regular speaker at universities and colleges across Hampshire. He gives up some of his precious time to attend universities (including mine) in order to give very informative and useful talks to the students. He is the Vice President of the Hampshire Junior Lawyers Division and is also the founder of, where he offers useful advice and tips for all prospective lawyers. He regularly tweets articles of great interest to law students and offers opportunities to ask him questions about anything law related, including applying for training contracts and other careers advice. Definitely worth a follow for any law student looking for help!

9. Toby Hornett – @tobyhornett

Toby Hornett is an in-house lawyer at Canon UK with a previous position at international law firm Clifford Chance. He is interested in careers coaching to junior and aspiring lawyers and is very willing to offer his advice to students. Toby is a regular at Reading University and other universities where he gives talks to the students on various topics, such as applying for training contracts, interview tips and vacation schemes. He is the founder of where he gives fantastic legal job advice to law students. Toby’s tweets consist of advice to students and other websites and articles that are of great interest to any prospective lawyer. If you are looking for advice from an expert who has experience of working for a prestigious firm, Toby is the one to follow.

8. Ultimate Law Guide – @UltmateLawGuide

A group of lawyers from different backgrounds whose main aim is to motivate law students to become ultimate lawyers – the Ultimate Law Guide is an asset for any law student. They are committed to training and developing students and trainee lawyers with practical careers advice to secure and prepare for training contracts and from them to advance in their careers. A valuable guide for new lawyers in their professional training, career development and advancement, the Ultimate Law Guide offers conferences and courses in order to motivate and help students achieve. Tweets consist of useful careers advice, informative videos, upcoming events and motivational quotes to inspire and encourage. A great source to enhance your commercial awareness and overall motivation for a career in law.

7. Guardian Law – @GdnLaw

Without doubt one of the best sources of information for any law student looking for the latest legal news. Guardian Law regularly tweets links to updated articles relating to all topical legal news – it is the one-stop-shop for commercial awareness. As a law student, you will probably know all too well how important it is to have topical knowledge on the legal industry. The good news is it can be found in practically all one place with Guardian Law.

6. Joshua Rozenberg – @JoshuaRozenberg

Joshua Rozenberg is Britain’s best-known commentator on the law. He trained as a lawyer before becoming a journalist for the BBC and is now often asked to broadcast on breaking legal news stories. Joshua regularly tweets links to his articles for The Guardian‘s law section on a variety of different legal areas. He is definitely one of the first ports of call when it comes to gaining knowledge of the latest legal news in the UK. For law students seeking out the latest breaking legal news stories, Joshua is worth a follow!

5. Law Society Gazette – @lawsocgazette

Like Guardian Law, Law Society Gazette provides law students with a focused source of information on the latest legal news stories. All the latest top quality legal news and analysis for solicitors, barristers, trainees and aspiring lawyers can be found here. From the latest mergers and acquisitions for all you commercial lawyers, to breaking criminal law news for those interested in justice, Law Society Gazette has it all. Tweets range from links to the latest legal news and information regarding competitions and awards. If you are a law student looking to increase your commercial awareness, this is a must-follow!

4. Adam Wagner – @AdamWagner1

Adam Wagner is a barrister at 1 Crown Office Row and founding editor of He regularly tweets about everything human rights related and other topical legal issues and news stories of which he usually links to posts on his blog. Adam was also longlisted for the prestigious Orwell Prize in 2011. Human rights is a very sensitive legal area, which all prospective lawyers must have substantial knowledge on – Adam conveniently provides topical knowledge on this area all in one place. For those of you who have a passion for human rights, follow the expert!

3. Jack of Kent – @JackofKent

Named after a character in medieval folklore and run by David Allen Green, Jack of Kent is a great source for law students. David is an lawyer and journalist who writes regular articles on legal matters that have been published by the likes of The Lawyer, The Guardian, New Scientist and many others. He is also the legal correspondent for New Statesman. David’s tweets consist of his controversial opinions on legal matters and, of course, many links to useful and topical articles for the prospective law student to consider. Founder of, David also blogs alongside his tweets and provides critical analysis on legal issues and news stories. Jack of Kent is a great follow for law students seeking out expert legal opinion.

2. Your university and your lecturers

Of course, one of the must-follows for any law student is your university and your law lecturers. This is quite possibly one of the best ways of gaining updates on everything going on in your law school, whether it be assignment deadlines, careers events, or even workshops – everything you need to know is likely to be published by your university or lecturers. It is also very useful to follow your lecturers for the simple reason that you can ask them questions regarding any of your assignments or upcoming lectures and they are very likely to have the knowledge to provide you with a quick answer. For up-to-date information regarding anything law related going on in your university and to ensure you do not miss out, be sure to follow them!

1. The Student Lawyer – @TSL_Tweets

Last, but not least: The Student Lawyer. Their account regularly tweets links to news articles, commentary and opinions on legal issues, legal jobs and law schools. Many of their informative articles are written by law students who all carry out extensive research in order to keep you updated on the latest legal news, as well as discussing controversial grey areas in some legal issues. For any law student who wishes to gain insight into the latest legal news or even strive for the opportunity to write for this fantastic website, The Student Lawyer is without doubt the best follow!

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