Commercial Awareness Roundup 22/4/14

Commercial Awareness Roundup 22/4/14
  1. Labour prepared to introduce judge quotas to achieve balanced judiciary (via The Guardian)
  2. High Court overturns “unlawful” Legal Ombudsman decision to cut firm’s fees (via Legal Futures)
  3. Defendant Shot Dead In Utah Courtroom (via Sky News)
  4. 9/11 prosecutor asks for more time over FBI spying claims (via The Guardian)
  5. Paying for sex should be made illegal, says Caroline Spelman (via The Independent)
  6. Civil courts braced for fee increases (via Law Society Gazette)
  7. Oklahoma to proceed with lethal injection amid confusion within courts (via The Guardian) BUT Oklahoma high court stays executions amid questions over drug secrecy (via The Guardian)
  8. Jimmy Savile: Adverts advise victims on compensation (via BBC News)
  9. Adultery legal in US state after 223 years (via The Telegraph)
  10. Legal aid is not for foreigners to fight cases through British courts, says justice minister (via The Telegraph)
  11. Chagos Islands dispute: court to rule on UK sovereignty claim (via The Guardian)
  12. Law students to be drafted in to help resolve divorce cases in shake-up of family justice system (via The Daily Mail)
  13. North Korea diversifies drug smuggling, counterfeiting, study says (via Fox News)
  14. CIA torture architect breaks silence to defend ‘enhanced interrogation’ (via The Guardian)
  15. Jedi prisoners planning to sue prison service for ‘not recognising Star Wars religion’ (via The Express)
  16. New Family Court comes into being amid justice reforms (via BBC News)
  17. Bernie Ecclestone to stand trial in Munich for bribery (via The Guardian)

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