Commercial Awareness Roundup 11/4/14

Commercial Awareness Roundup 11/4/14
  1. Police to wear digital cameras as part of courts efficiency plan (via The Guardian)
  2. Independent Scotland ‘ready to compete with London’ (via Law Society Gazette)
  3. Iran steps up pace of executions as it courts West (via Fox News)
  4. Judge approves $1.2bn settlement in SAC Capital insider trading case (via The Guardian)
  5. Gerrie Nel: ‘Bull dog’ prosecutor sinks teeth into Oscar Pistorius at murder trial (via CNN)
  6. Paedophile’s images of abuse victim cannot be deleted, police say (via BBC News)
  7. Tories attack CPS over handling of Nigel Evans case (via The Guardian)
  8. CPS At Risk Of More Injustices, Claims MP (via Sky News)
  9. Omagh bombing: Seamus Daly charged with murdering 29 people (via The Independent)
  10. Which countries have the world’s highest murder rates? Honduras tops the list (via CNN)
  11. Federal court takes up gay marriage appeals from conservative states (via The Guardian)
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